who is sightline

At Sightline Retail Account Management, we understand that buyers are busier than ever. 


Retailing has evolved considerably over the years, resulting in higher volumes of work that have put smaller suppliers at a disadvantage with large retailers. Add to that; limited budgets can often make it difficult to find the right team to build and grow sales while remaining focused on replenishment, buying, analytics, project management, and marketing. You can’t do it all! And, even if you tried, it’s too expensive! That’s where Sightline can help!

Based in Bentonville, AR, Sightline Retail is a team of talented and experienced individuals with a focus on providing personalized service and creating mutually beneficial relationships between retailers and suppliers. Our business is about sales – for everyone - and we’re here to guide you toward profitability and better business growth for your company.

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how sightline is different

At Sightline Retail, our primary goal is to forge strong and honest relationships between retailers and suppliers. Our team is not like the other guys, and we're proud of that! We’re service-focused and strategically driven in everything we do. That’s why we do, what we do … for you!

•    National focus, locally-based
•    Focus on selling through, not selling in
•    Service focused, to the customer – always
•    High-value services based on your business goals
•    Co-creation and new product development
•    Flexible and transparent pricing to meet your needs