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our sightline is on your success ... always.

When you partner with Sightline, we’ll integrate your business and all your systems in just 2 to 4 weeks. We manage all the day-to-day processes of ongoing maintenance, selling-through, and working with your retailers so that you can focus on products and innovation.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We streamline your order management by working directly with your EDI provider and retailers to exchange digital information and transactions through other businesses with greater accuracy and speed.


Simple Data Exchange

We test, translate, and transmit all your B2B documents securely and reliably via AS2, VAN, or FTP with fully validated compliance.


No Kilo Character Charges

Most EDI providers charge you for kilo characters. With Sightline, there is no limit or charge on data.


No Interruptions

We ensure your documents and communications with any retailers are uninterrupted.


Recurring Inbox Reports

Quickly spot trends and potential issues with weekly summaries (delivered by email every Monday) and push notifications, so you always know how your business is performing.

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