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our sightline is on your inventory ... always.

The simple reason why customers don't buy products and services quickly is that they need more time. More time to think, evaluate, and come to a decision. A good pre-selling strategy is vital to mentally preparing your customers to buy your product or service. Sightline is here with you from the start to get your product “retailer-ready,” help you successfully navigate challenges and help you drive your business to profitability.

Expert Guidance
Our team of experts will guide you along the way, from category and gap analysis to pricing target and anticipated cost discussions, right down to helping you set up your products in a brick and mortar location or online.

1World Sync
Redundant and inconsistent product information can lead to low profit margins, decreased brand loyalty, and an inconsistent shopper experience across devices. Our team loads your entire product catalog into our system, so it translates across all retailers accurately.

D&B Set-Up
Knowing each retailers D&B requirements is crucial, so we help you obtain the score required to sell in mass retail.

GS1 UPC Set-Up
Our team will help you obtain your GS1 Company Prefix then test and set-up certified bar codes for each product, case, and retailer.

Think of us as your retail insurance experts. Our team knows the requirements and will work with you to secure coverage.

Retailer Compliance
Every retailer is different. We’ll ensure that your products abide by each retailer's defined specifications and regulations.

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