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our sightline is to drive sales ... always.

Choosing the right products to place and sell in the retail market can be a difficult decision. Not only should there be a demand for your products, but it must be profitable and help your business grow. At Sightline, we create value by helping you position your products and timing for success, submit line review forms, create selling strategies and action calendars and guide you toward better business growth so that you can be more profitable.


Product Testing

Virtually all big retailers require product testing, and each can have different requirements and specifications you need to follow to be successful.  Sightline partners with 3rd party experts to ensure your product meets all retailer requirements.


Planogram Submissions

We help you correctly place and merchandise your products in the store to drive traffic and improve sales, so you gain better inventory control and satisfy customers and retailers with a better visual appeal.


Logistics and Warehousing

Sightline works closely with leading retailers to combine your deliveries with others headed to the same distribution center, store, or region into one full truckload. Using our advanced platform, you can monitor the progress of your order, from submission to delivery.


Continuous Monitoring

We merge retailer POS system data and measure it against future on-shelf forecasts, to ensure that system mistakes don’t impact OSA, warehouse inventory, markdowns, same-day shipments, or create excessive charge backs.


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